What Are The Minimalist Sofas Repair And Maintenance Methods?

Minimalist sofas sofa at home is very important, for it is used very often, then different reasons will cause the problem to appear correct lying repair, can guarantee later use. Repair fashion sofa need to first find the cause of damage, need to be based on different materials sofa, different damage reasons, maintenance, so that then can protect the sofa continue to use.So, what are the sofa repair methods?

What Are The Minimalist Sofas Repair And Maintenance Methods?

First, Minimalist sofa repair methods are what

1, minimalist sofa repair cloth sofa surface is usually covered with a layer of cotton linen, so if the surface of the cloth is damaged, according to the size of the sofa to do another set. This not only makes cleaning easier, but also makes the sofa look new. In addition, if the sponge inside the sofa is deformed and loses its elasticity, the manufacturer can be provided with the size of the sofa and then a set of sponge pads can be re-customized.
However, if the keel or sofa frame is damaged, no repair is required.

2, Minimalist sofa repair leather sofa: leather sofa repair than fabric sofa repair is much more difficult. The proper elastic glue can be selected according to the leather of the sofa, then contrasted with good color, and finally no trace repair.
However, if the leather sofa is extensively damaged, we should look for a professional repair company for repair.

3, Minimalist sofa repair solid wood sofa: solid wood sofa the most common problem is that its surface is easy to drop. To repair it, first polish the paint and then determine the color of the sofa paint. By adjusting the color, you can first test the color on the sofa leg.When the color test is successful, it will be colored.

What Are The Minimalist Sofas Repair And Maintenance Methods?

Second, sofas maintenance skills are what

1, first with water to clean wet towels, drain, clean the surface of the sofa dust and dirt, and then gently wipe the surface of the sofa once or twice (do not use wax care products), so that the surface forms a leather surface.
The protective film layer makes it difficult for future dirt to penetrate the skin pores, making it easy to clean the future leather sofas.

2, to ensure that the room ventilation.Too dry or damp will accelerate the aging of the leather;

3, cleaning the sofa do not wipe too much, so as not to damage the skin. (Note: Before using wax and detergent, it is best to shake it and then maintain the aerosol tank directly at a 45 degree angle so that the liquid content in the tank can be completely released without losing pressure.)
Gently spray the dry cloth at a distance of about 15 cm so that the sofa can be cleaned again, which is very beneficial for cleaning and maintenance).

4, leather sofa should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, should not be washed or rinsed with water, so as not to moisture, mold and insects.
It’s also important.

5. You can usually use a dry towel at least once a week to stir and vacuum. The sofa should be vacuumed regularly. The armrests and sofa cushions must be dirty.You should put a nice sofa towel or a big towel.

Small editor to introduce the minimalist sofa repair method, in the maintenance will be a great help, so that the time can be guaranteed to use, thank you for reading for the small editor article.

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