Those small matching in the sofa living room

Do you have that question? When you see other people’s living room sofas at first glance, you can imagine a small broken book sitting in the afternoon of leisure pictures? But let’s look at our couch., or would rather sleep in bed for an afternoon. In fact, careful observation, contrast, it is not difficult to find: their living room sofas are too good! And the swing, in fact, is in the swing pillow, cushion … So the new question comes: Why are these living room sofa cushions how to look good, my living room sofa how to put how so messy?

Those small matching in the sofa living room

First, learn how to place the living room sofa.

1. In addition to the living room sofas itself matching pillows, their own with some of their favorite.But when choosing their favorite, first consider and the overall base deployment of the home does not match Oh

.2.Occupied a corner, living room sofas on both sides, select one side to stack pillows, is also a classic form of composition, but also pay attention to stacked together between the pillow color system matching

3. Symmetry, or symmetrical arrangement in a row.

Second, learn how to matching.

The leather living room sofas is smooth and breathable, and the cloth sofa is soft and wear-resistant. Two kinds of enjoyment, two with the black, white, gray, brown four basic colors, is the first choice to buy living room sofas, and will not be out of date. But the colors are cold. Can be paired with the same color system to show noble temperament. The gray living room sofas is more than a hundred… Don’t exaggerate the pillow snare or can be harnessed like gray system, it is recommended that the pillow are selected some gray tone, will be more harmonious. White is better matched! Look at the home style selection on OK pull!

Those small matching in the sofa living room

However, I think the occasional lovely pillow is also very good to look. Maybe you might also consider putting a stylish sofas in the living room., so that your living room sofas looks more interesting to the last… I hope you can all get the beauty of home and beautiful mood !

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