The color of office furniture is a language!

In the office, the different colors of office furniture have different roles and meanings. Each color is a language, is an intoxicating whisper, can convey different information to people, and thus affect people’s work mood and state.

The color of office furniture is a language!

Black is the most common color in the office and usually appears on a desk or leather sofa. Black gives a visual texture, both deep and correct, to convey to people the bold and determined language thought. Black is best suited to the leadership’s office, this deep integrity just in line with the calm of middle-aged people, is a symbol of wisdom.

The color of office furniture is a language!

The white series contains bright white, warm white, gray and other white-based colors, bright white to give a cheerful and clear visual sense. The clear idea that brings people is the vision. Warm white is more elegant, and decorative effect is very strong, and the combination of lighting is very suitable, conveys a gentle and elegant language, with a certain sense of art. Gray-white is a nostalgic color, sometimes abstract and sometimes concrete, as if the memory of the past, gray-white office furniture is more suitable for the art of the office space

Blue-green color series, blue and green represent series of fresh nature, blue reminiscent of the wide sea, green represents the fresh green in nature.
These two colors convey the language of vitality of life, but also represent the green health of office furniture, and now many office furniture manufacturers like to add these two colors to the design, in order to promote a healthy green office experience.

Red and yellow are the centerpieces of the warm hues, and the rest of the warm hues are extended by both of them. Warm tone is an extroverted color, more suitable for young people, passing is a young lively language. Modern office furniture is the most commonly used matching tones, many modern new enterprises in the office furniture customization, but also choose warm tones to design and match.

  The above is the language of different colors of office furniture, each with a different effect, and the most suitable object of use.

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