Six Tips For Office Stylish Sofas Purchase

Office sofas are already durable consumer goods in modern offices. At present, there are many kinds of sofas on the market, which makes some consumers do not know how to choose when purchasing. In this special reminding consumers to pay attention to 6 points when purchasing an office sofa, in order to choose their favorite office stylish sofa.

Six Tips For Office Stylish Sofas Purchase
  1. Look at the quality of the frame. The two hands will shake the whole piece of the sofa back and forth repeatedly, and shake it. If it feels better, the frame is firm. Then discuss with the sales staff, uncover the corner of the lower base cloth, if there is no bad, no insects, no scars, no bark or wood wool, the hard and hard wood is made, and the connection between the material and the material is not Nailed with nails, but with the blink of an eye or the mouth of the mouth, and then glued, there is no problem.
  2. Look at the brand Consumers should try to choose the brand office sofa produced by a well-known company. Because famous brands are generally recognized by consumers in long-term use, their quality is stable, the repair rate is low, the warranty period is long, and after-sales service is guaranteed.
  3. Look at the quality of the inner cushion. The underside of the high-grade sofa seat and the back of the back are mostly made of nylon belt and snake spring cross-web structure. The upper layer is layered with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton and light foam. This cushion rebounds well and feels comfortable. The mid-range sofa is mainly made of rubber fiberboard as the base and the bottom of the back. The upper layer is layered with medium density foam and sprayed cotton. This cushion has a harder sitting feel and a slightly less resilience.
  4. Look at fabrics and sewing. Buy leather office stylish sofas and choose leather. The leather office sofa is divided into a full-leather office sofa and a half-skin office sofa. Each set of full-leather office stylish sofas consumes 10 cows of cows. It has high value, good ventilation and environmental performance. The half-leather office sofa is on the back of the office sofa. The bottom and other hidden parts are replaced by PU leather or artificial leather PVC, but the direct contact area of ​​the human body is still a higher value of the cowhide, which reduces the cost of the office sofa and is more economical. The office sofa is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather, which are divided into top layer skin, second layer skin and three layer skin according to the number of layers; it is divided into domestic skin and imported skin according to the origin. Imported skin imported from Italy and Germany with the best quality of the top layer of yellow cowhide, meets strict environmental requirements, high color fastness, good elasticity and breathability, high mechanical strength, especially high tear strength and tensile strength. The high-quality leather office sofa must be made of the first layer of yellow cowhide.
  5. Look at the choice of foam sponges High-grade office sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 30 kg/m3 or more. The back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 25 kg/m3 or more. In order to improve the comfort of sitting and sitting, some foams are soft-treated under the premise of ensuring no reduction in density, and some are provided with vertical springs in the seat cushions, so that the office sofa has higher resilience and anti-aging properties. Under normal circumstances, after the human body sits down, the office sofa cushion is preferably about 10 cm indentation.
  6. Look at the cloth The cloth should be seen whether the fabric is tightly attached to the inner filling, whether it is flat and flat, especially the two handrails and the joint of the seat and the back should be natural and without creases. If it is a round and semi-circular handrail, it is necessary to see whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful. The fabric of the floral pattern or the checkered pattern depends on whether the flower shape of the splicing is consistent, whether the square is horizontal and vertical, and there is no inclination or distortion. Finally sit down and try it out. I feel whether the inclination of the seat, the back or the curvature of the back seat are the same as the waist, back, buttocks and leg bends. Is the height of the pillow and the back suitable? The arms naturally extend and open in the usual time; the sitting feel is comfortable, and it is free when standing up. Stand up and look at the fabric on the buttocks, backrest and armrests for pleats that are noticeably slack and can’t be recovered for a long time.
Six Tips For Office Stylish Sofas Purchase

With the above information, do you have a better understanding of the selection of office sofas? If you feel that the above information is helpful to you, please continue to follow us! Perhaps you can also click here office furniture manufacturer to choose the office furniture you are satisfied with!

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