What you need to know about sofa shopping

When shopping for sofas, there’s a lot to be aware of., including with the home environment, family members and other things do not match. Therefore, the style and color of the sofa must be unified with the main color of home decoration and decoration. If a sofa and home environment style does not match, it even if it looks good, do not recommend to buy, because buy back only found in the model room in a very good look style, put in their own home is very awkward.

What you need to know about sofa shopping

If you don’t match the identity and usage needs of family members, there are great opportunities in use. The sofa, as the center of the living room, is now an essential piece of furniture for the home. Today is a simple introduction to you under the sofa how to choose.

Pick sofa notes:

1, look at the frame of the sofa. The sofa is a large piece with a solid frame structure. Check when both hands will be the whole sofa front and back force repeatedly shake, shake, if feel better, the frame is firm.

Then you can look at the underside of the undertable cloth, can not appear decay, worm decay, scars, burrs and so on. 2, look at the comfort of the sofa. Sofa is an object for sitting or lying down, sometimes the role is a chair, sometimes the role is the bed. So when buying a sofa, it’s best to sit on the spot and feel the degree of hard and soft. Too hard a sofa can cause muscle soreness, while a soft sofa can feel like the whole person is trapped inside, sitting for a long time and uncomfortable. In addition, the height of the sofa also need to be referenced, generally and the height of the coffee table in front of the sofa to be matched.

What you need to know about sofa shopping

If with the identity of family members and the use of demand, then there will be a great opportunity to have problems in the use, such as children’s families do not buy a sofa with a sharp corner, users with elderly people.

2, the life of the sofa. The gravity of the sofa determines the life of the sofa, and the frame of the sofa directly determines the gravity of the sofa. The key to the stability of the sofa structure is the design and material work of its internal frame, and in general, if the interior frame structure of the sofa is well designed and high-strength hardwood is used, it will be stable and last longer.

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