Personality office furniture

Simple personality office furniture in recent years continue to appear, because after 80, 90 has gradually become the main force of office furniture consumption, office furniture traditional style design and do not adapt to the trend of the times, then the simple personality of the office has what characteristics? How do I buy it?

Personality office furniture

If you choose to use the style of a modern sofas in the office, then pay attention to the choice of fabrics, the use of appropriate soft materials is very important, such as fiber velvet, velvet, leather, linen, silk, cotton and so on.The tones of these decorative fabrics should be as natural as possible, but the texture should accentuate the touch, and fabrics with too strong patterns are not suitable for this style.

Simple personality office furniture should pay attention to the rational use of lighting, lighting arrangement is an important factor in the design of all indoor space. In the case of monotony of color, light may enrich the visual experience as much as possible, and the minimalist style favors natural light.

Simple personality office furniture should pay attention to the structure to space. In the spatial planning design structure, minimalists leave the most use of space to the designer, in the structural design as much as possible to reduce excess beams and columns, so that the designer can re-create the space as he pleases.

Modern office furniture should have both openness and a certain degree of privacy, breaking the typical boundaries of rest and office, redefine the working environment, does you like such this office furniture ?

The current office furniture design mainly has natural colors and warm colors of these two color system with more use. Natural color office furniture, green, white, blue-based.

Personality office furniture

Fresh and natural color office furniture to a large extent can promote the efficiency of office staff, bring more comfortable mood to enjoy. Warm-colored office furniture. This color system generally to red, orange, yellow as the main many companies, enterprises in the office environment will prefer this warm tone, can create a more enthusiastic environmental effect, in the atmosphere also has a good role in regulating, once became a very ideal choice in many office environments.

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