Minimalist Sofas Without Wall Design To Make Your Space More Spacious

Today to share with you minimalist sofas does not need to be placed against the wall, so that better use of space. Because now the large-scale house decoration, household type can make a great change, there is a lot of play space, such as living room design, most people’s home sofas is placed against the wall, and large-scale house decoration, you can break the concept, the sofa does not need to be walled, can have a variety of swing, visual space more atmospheric.

Minimalist Sofas Without Wall Design To Make Your Space More Spacious

Minimalist sofas placement way 1:minimalist sofas behind the study.If your family wants to do an open-plan study, you can also set the study in the back of a minimalist sofas, is also very popular this kind of design, open-plan study light bright and transparent, work and study can have a good mood.

Minimalist sofas placement way 2: minimalist sofas behind the table.minimalist sofas can also be placed behind a bar, so that usually can also sit on the bar, while watching TV, while siping a small wine, in addition to guests to come, you can also enjoy food with friends on the bar, such a design, living room and bar can become a place to greet friends.

Minimalist Sofas placement method 3: behind the Minimalist sofa is the window.There are a lot of living room has floor-to-ceiling windows, can be placed next to the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the sofa will not block the light, the space can still maintain permeability, so the design is also very design sense.

Minimalist Sofas placement method 4: behind the minimalist sofas is a leisure room. The space behind the sofas is also used to create a small leisure space, with a cabinet in the middle as a partition, and can also increase storage space. In this leisure space, you can sit here to read books, you can also sit here for tea, in the morning, you can also enjoy the sun, eat breakfast, start a new day of life.

Minimalist Sofas Without Wall Design To Make Your Space More Spacious

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