Log TV Cabinet With Minimalist Sofas, Nice And Practical

Nowadays, there are a large number of owners who like the comfortable and natural decoration style. They are clean and tidy. They are warm and welcoming everywhere. They don’t want the decoration of the home to be the same. They want to have their own characteristics and meet their own living habits! Today, I dare to share a 120-flat Chinese-style three-bedroom renderings, wood-colored TV cabinets, with minimalist sofas, good-looking and practical, showing the integrity of the host, bold and other character!
The living room is mainly made of wood tones, with a uniform color space and a minamalist sofas. The minimalist Chinese floor lamp combines and has a strong expressiveness. The overall atmosphere is soft and natural, and the living room sofas has a personal decoration on the background. Product. At the same time, the design of the TV cabinet is mainly based on practicality!

Log TV Cabinet With Minimalist Sofas, Nice And Practical

The restaurant looks a bit quiet. The restaurant is close to the floor-to-ceiling windows. It has a set of wood-colored dining tables and chairs. It doesn’t need to be decorated any more. It is simple and elegant. On the white wall, decorate the whole restaurant with a little green pendant. The space is more harmonious and quiet!

The kitchen is an independent space and an indispensable space in the home life. This layout makes the kitchen space extremely clean and spacious!

In the bedroom, the white wall in the master bedroom is matched with a dark background. The two different colors just make the whole space look more layered. The master bedroom is either a bed or a curtain on the bay window. They all use a light color match, it seems that the whole bedroom is simple and fresh.

The layout of the master bedroom visually relieves the usual work pressure, listen to a few music, read a small book, and lie quietly in bed, showing the quiet and leisurely space of the bedroom.

The boy’s room continues the main color of the entire guest restaurant, the blue bedside, the trivial removal, the avenue to Jane, and no complicated decoration.

The study and study combine the multi-functional area. In addition to the white wall, the red elements are added, and the bold design also shows the unique taste of the host.

The above is the content shared with you today, and with the information to know more, please continue to pay attention!

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