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On June 21st, at the 2019 Beijing International Home And Family Exhibition, two new series of modern and Saishan series were developed in the left and right stylish sofas.

Furniture News You Can't Missv

It shows two new aesthetic directions in the design of new goods in China. The modern and stylish sofas is also well matched. In the selection of materials, the modern stylish sofas series does not adhere to a pattern, especially good at metal, stone and baking varnish materials combined to present the clean and hard aesthetic of the sofas matching products. In a transparent and bright visual experience, it can feel the power of the line to give space. Metal stool legs and marble panels give it a unique bone beauty.

The jumps and smooth lines give us a visual feel to the soft mood of modern, stylish sofas. In addition, on the basis of the basic model, Saishan also added a lot of “decorative” design products, pay attention to the support of a single item design sense, for the overall space to add color. This set of the image , won the favor of many tourists. This is a flexible modular fashion soft soft sit-down. The components of the stylish sofa can be placed in an L-shaped or row, or they can be displayed at a 105-degree forming angle .

Furniture News You Can't Miss

Flexible modular combination, thoughtfully solve different family needs, let the user in the process of hands-on, meet his most wanted beautiful life plan.That’s the charm of a stylish sofas. The new look of the left-right fashion staple and the Saishan series represents the higher design and skill level of the left and right brands, both in terms of product definition and design elements. With the revival of the national tide, the left and right modern safas, with original sofas design and craft spirit, to create a new national goods compatible with the nation and fashion brand, to give new brands with meaning and fresh vitality of the new era, to the national brand to the world to issue a stronger, more powerful national commodity voice. In the future, the left and right sides will carry forward the spirit of Chinese goods, with consistent quality, for the Chinese to create a better way of life, to meet the next round of transformation.

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