Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Home decoration layout process, color matching is very sophisticated, with the right words, can cover up some of the defects of decoration, so that the entire space decoration style immediately appear, on the contrary, if not properly matched, not only will destroy the beauty of the space, but also affect people’s mood and health. Below to follow the small editor together to see, decoration color how to match?

Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Color of the bedroom

Bedroom is the place where people sleep and rest – the color requirements are higher, different ages of the bedroom color requirements are greater. Children’s bedroom, color to bright light yellow, light blue and so on. To the youth, male and female characteristics are obvious, male and young people should be light blue cold color-based, female teenagers bedroom to light pink and other warm colors, newlyweds should use passion, warm warm tones, color thick err. Middle-aged and elderly bedrooms, should be light gray and other shades of color. In order to facilitate people to rest and sleep, the color of the bedroom should not be too heavy, the contrast should not be too strong, it is appropriate to choose elegant, quiet, natural colo

Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Color of the kitchen

Kitchen is the place to make food, color performance should be clean, hygiene-oriented. Because the kitchen is prone to pollution in use, need to be cleaned frequently, therefore, should be self-based, gray-based. The ground should not be too shallow, can use dark gray and other good stain resistance color, the wall should be mainly white, easy to clean and tidy, the top should use light gray, light yellow and other colors.

Color of the restaurant

Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Restaurant is a special place for meals, but also the whole family gathered space, in the use of color should be based on the hobbies of family members, generally should choose warm colors, highlighting the warm, peaceful atmosphere, at the same time to facilitate the clean-up. Overall should use a darker color, but local should be accompanied by light yellow, white and other reflect the clean color. The floor of the restaurant should be decorated in crimson and dark orange. The colors of the walls can be more diverse, one design is large contrast, reflecting the family personality F another design is to choose plain, mainly to control emotions. Whatever the choice, as long as it is good for the physical and mental health of the whole family.

Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Color in the living room

The living room is the most powerful part of the family display, the color use is also the most abundant, the color of the living room to reflect the warm tone of hospitality for the tone, and can have a larger color jump and strong contrast, highlighting the key decorative parts.Color thick, in order to appear noble and elegant, therefore, the ground should choose the heavy color of crimson, black and so on.

Do you know how the home decoration color goes with it?

Color of the bathroom

Bathroom is a bath, wash, washing place, but also a clean and hygienic requirements of higher space, in the color there are two forms for choice. One is white-based light tones, the ground and walls are white, light gray and other colors to do surface decoration, the other is based on black-based dark colors, the ground, walls to black, dark gray surface decoration. Each of the two effects has its own characteristics, one is a simple, relaxed, the general family choice of more, and the other is stable, style, strong personality, active thinking people are more like.

As for the color of the home, young people prefer to prefer bright, active colors, middle-aged and elderly people are more comfortable with low-key, peaceful colors, as for infants and young children, those pink, lovely colors, is suitable for their growth. Specific color or to see which kind of favorite, but also to see the overall decoration style of the home to choose. Hope that the introduction of small editor can bring you help!

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