Customized Modern Sofa Cover Size Steps

Customized modern sofa cover size steps Modern modern sofa cover, as the name suggests, is a modern modern sofa cover that not only protects modern modern sofas from being soiled or damaged, but also enhances the aesthetics of modern modern sofas. The following small series gives you a detailed introduction to the knowledge of the modern modern sofa cover size steps.

Customized Modern Sofa Cover Size Steps

How to customize the modern modern sofa cover
Before customizing modern modern sofa covers, it is necessary to first measure the relevant dimensions in order to make a suitable size cover. As for how to customize the modern modern sofa cover, the specific answer is as follows:

Some modern modern sofa covers can be removed, this direct size can be, but remember to add the stitched part of the cloth.

In addition, it depends on the modern modern sofa cover made of what material. If it is hemp, the fabric will not shrink and be elastic, then the size should be accurate. The sleeves that are made out are tight and look good.

For fabrics that shrink, it is best to wash them first, so that you don’t have to shrink. If it is a cover, use a ruler to measure the size of the modern modern sofa before and after the left and right and off the ground, and then add 15-20cm length.

How much is the custom modern modern sofa cover?
Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of modern and modern sofa sets in China. Due to the different materials of modern modern sofa sets, the price of custom modern modern sofa sets is not fixed. In addition, the modern modern sofa sets have different styles and processing techniques, so there will be differences in custom-made prices. The modern modern sofa cover made by a good manufacturer is beautiful in style and its price is higher. Usually the modern modern sofa cover on the market is priced at around 300-400 yuan; if the custom-made leather modern modern sofa cover, then the price is more than 1,000 yuan.

Customized Modern Sofa Cover Size Steps

Factors affecting the price of modern modern sofa sets:

1, material

The material of modern modern sofa covers is the main factor affecting the price of the custom. There are many fabrics suitable for modern modern sofa sets on the market, and the price difference between different fabrics is very large. For example, the leather is a bit more expensive than the fabric.

2, style

The style of modern modern sofa sets has a direct impact on the custom price, not only to test the design level of the manufacturer, but also to test the manufacturer’s processing technology. The more complex the style of a modern, modern sofa set, the higher its price.

Customized modern modern sofa cover all-inclusive steps

The steps for customizing modern modern sofa sets are as follows:

Prepare tools for customizing modern modern sofa sets, such as rulers, scissors, sewing machines/needle threads.

Measure the length and width of the front, side, top, bottom and back of the modern modern sofa to be modern modern sofa cover, and mark the line, and extend 1 inch outward to facilitate the stitching of the later curtain.

Remove the 0.4-0.5 inch seam allowance from the edge of the fabric. If there is an inappropriate place (the corner with a curvature), change it at any time. Make sure to leave a little more when cutting, so that the fabric will not be wasted when the change is made.

The length of the armrest (from the outside of the armrest to the inner cushion) × 2+ intermediate cushion length + the width required to insert the seat cushion. Generally, the cloth required for a modern modern modern sofa is about 230cm long and 235cm wide; the cloth required for a modern modern double sofa is about 300cm long and 235cm wide; the cloth required for three modern modern sofas is about 470cm long. 35cm wide. The measurement process can be adjusted according to the actual length and width of modern modern sofas.

Spread the cloth of suitable length on the modern modern sofa, and insert the cloth into the seat seam according to the shape of the modern modern sofa. It can be fixed in the seam with the stationery clip or long ruler and plastic tube.

The modern modern sofa back turns and the fabric at the armrest is stretched and stitched together with needlework.

You can do some skirts, do not wear a bow or other decorations, thereby increasing the beauty.

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