A warm Family Table Makes Your Home More Vibrant

The most casual place in a home is the living room, one of the most temperaturey places, the dining table. So in addition to choosing a living room sofas, a beautiful and practical table is really important.

A warm Family Table Makes Your Home More Vibrant

Will we hesitate to choose a wooden table or marble table.

From small to large, our family’s dining table is all wood. The family eats a small square table and comes to the guest’s big round table. Now the big round table also has a large glass turntable, which makes it the same as the restaurant. Originally, I was tired of the wooden dining table. After all, the red painted table and the white tiles were really beautiful, until I saw such a wooden dining table, mottled paint, rough texture. The uneven corners, the collision marks that can be seen everywhere, the feeling of time coming from the face, was shocked at the time, so unique!

But I also know that this kind of table is suitable for picnic in the outdoor yard. It is not suitable for the home in the exquisite decoration. The exquisitely decorated home is suitable for another kind of wooden dining table, with smooth lines, delicate lines, natural depth changes, and heavy weight. It can be light, but it can be Nordic in Japan. It is just like the red paint table at home! After a long period of time, I had a special liking for such a wooden dining table, until I saw the marble dining table by chance – so looking at the past, it was too texture, white small fresh, black calm atmosphere, The natural texture of marble is natural and the taste is obvious.

How to choose the wooden dining table and marble dining table?

Look at the personal likes and decoration style, Japanese, Nordic, American country, Mediterranean can use wood, Nordic, modern, light luxury can use marble.

Then you know how the table can become more beautiful?

If you feel that your home’s dining table is not good-looking and it is a bit out of place with the overall decoration, then change it. First, put on the tablecloth, cover all the colors and dirty places that you don’t like. If the tablecloth is easy to be dirty, you can put a transparent table mat on it, or customize a piece of glass, but if you look good, you need to reduce the score. It is. Then put a vase or green plant, a glass vase on the wooden table, a metal vase on the marble table, and the flowers bought on the way to and from work, full of vitality. Finally choose a set of beautiful tableware, and then the table that can not be seen can become very nice!

A warm Family Table Makes Your Home More Vibrant

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